Perpetual vows

      The phase of the studious vocative aims at the nun gaining education, continuance of studies, and specializations that help her to undertake the tasks and the mission given to her the best way possible while being vigilant over her monastic duties and spiritual life, with the trustworthiness to the congregation’s spirituality.

      The upbringing continues in the phase of the eternal vows which last a lifetime through the organizations of sessions and special meetings that increase and widen the nun’s information about the way of teaching catechism, the methods of spreading the message, and about the life of the church nowadays so that she will be able to face the challenges and problems. This will enable her to undertake a constructive and fruitful mission with the faithfulness to the special gift in the congregation’s spirituality and its aims in depth.

      All of this aims at living the vocation as a gift that is renewed everyday so that we may be witnesses to the miracles of God not through too much talk but with eloquent conduct that is enlightened by the light of Jesus that will astonish the world just like His words stated, ‘The truth I tell you. Whosoever believes in me, he too does the work that I do and the greater of it works.’ (John 12:14)