These four goals, describe and show “the special talent’’ blessed upon us by God, through our founder Father. It is a hallmark of our Eucharistic Assembly, which is :


1- Worship of the Eucharist, and publish it among the believers, especially among young people, for us to believe that Jesus is our lives and our soul’s lives.


2- Cooperation with the parish priests, especially the mountainous, in their apostolic activities. This will be achieved by doing apostolic and educational work, for goodness and deliverance the near, in most needy citizens to spiritual and humanitarian services.


3- Educating young people, especially girls, and preparing them to become good parents in tomorrow’s world, by educating them to the Christians Values and by helping them to live in an honorable and safe atmosphere. We work to provide them with the religious, moral, cultural, social and professional upbringings which are sufficient and appropriate to their needs.


4- Help the poor and neglected people using the Savior’s words as a slogan : “…Because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.”(Luke 4 : 18) Our merciful look to the poor is one of the core objectives of our association, and the Holy Spirit says in the Book of Tobit : “My sons don’t turn your face to the poor, and the face of God does not turn you”. And in our Association we must believe, according to our Founder’s sayings : “God always remains to us, as long as we remain to the poor”.