Beit Hebbak

The center at Beit Habbak : House of the mission

     Beit Habbak is a small village that is situated on one of the hills in the chain of Lebanon’s western mountains on the northern-eastern side of the district of Jbeil.  It is 11 kilometers away from the historical city, Jbeil. It is graced by a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere just like most of the Lebanese towns and villages to whom none of the city’s construction and pollution have yet reached.

     Since this village is in need of humanitarian services, Father Emile Geara with the nuns’ congregation, founded a school in 1969. It has expanded to become at present a high school that offers its’ students whose number is approximately 1000 and who are boarding and non-boarding children, the educational, moral, and spiritual upbringing. 

     In 1991, the technical section was founded. Then, the handicraft workshop and the dispensary that provide free of charge care and medical services to many civilians, especially in these times of financial hardships. It should be indicated that this medical care includes all medical fields in addition to the dental clinic and the provision of medication, vaccination, and regular check-ups for students.

     In answer to morally and spiritually educating the youth, the nuns founded the parish’s educational center that was inaugurated by  the pastor of Jbeil’s pastor, Archbishop Bechara al Rai in 1988. The center takes its’ role through religious education, spiritual ceremonies and activities especially the celebrations of The Sacrament’s Holiday that occurs yearly at the commencement of the month of June.

     The nuns also placed the halls and the high school’s playgrounds at the youth’s disposal where preparatory courses for supervisors of children’s camps and sport festivals plus other social activities take place.

     Father Emile named the center at Beit Habbak ‘House of the mission’, and he wanted this to be the house of the center of educational, moral, and spiritual illumination that is at the service of mankind: a truly faithful citizen.