General Superiors


Mother Mona-Marie BEJJANI38-Sr Mona Marie Bejjani.jpg

    Current Mother Superior since 2015

First vows: 24th of June, 1995

Eternal vow: 20th of May, 2001


Procurator,Principal of the secondary school of The Young Girl of Lebanon, Beit Habbak, and responsable for the youngest sisters in the congregation (2009-2015)



Mother Laure TradSrLaureTrad.jpg

    Mother Superior from 2009 till 2015

First vows: 11th of December, 1988

Eternal vow: 2nd of October, 1994

The building architect of The Congregation of The Missionary Nuns of The Holiest Sacrament’s convents

Principal of the secondary school of The Young Girl of Lebanon, Beit Habbak (1994-2008)


SrRitaBkassiny.jpgSister Rita Bkassiny

 Mother superior from 1996 till 2009

First vows: 25th of November, 1973

Eternal vow: 10th of October, 1982

Novices’ teacher at Ain Warka from 1981 till 1999

Procurator from 1987 till 1996

An assistant in the mission at The Mother of Mercy’s Convent, Mezyara (2010-2011)

Local principal and novices’ teacher at St. Anthony, the grand’s convent in Ain Warka, Ghosta ( 2012-2013 )


  Sister Francoise Shalhoub el Doueihy

Mother Superior from 1966 till 1996

First vows: 3rd of October, 1968 

Eternal vow: 6th of October, 1974

Novices’ teacher in Ghosta from 1974 till 2003

Local principal of St. Anthony, the grand’s convent, Ain Warka  ( 2003-2011 )

A year of spiritual renewal and the local principal’s substitute at Ain el Deir’s convent, Ihmej ( 2012-2013 )